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  • Earthquake Resistance

    Earthquake Resistance

    Innovation in technology using steel structures in the construction industry has been manifested in an architecture that provides better seismic behavior and against change in violent lateral winds, anti-corrosion, resistance to pests, insects and in a sustainable and highly energy efficient product.

    Performance during seismic activity is due to a light steel structure with walls that are supported by fastening elements that provide stability during lateral, side to side movements and ups and downs.

  • Resistance to Winds (Hurricanes)

    Resistance to Winds (Hurricanes)

    The resistance to the change of lateral winds is due to the advantage of its light weight, excellent strength, rigidity and flexibility.

    The weight is only one fifth of the weight of a similar structure in concrete, sustaining winds of up to 250 km / hr.

  • Durability


    The light steel structures are cold formed of thin wall steel, increasing useful life up to 70 years.

Featured projects

  • Pipeline Project Office

    Pipeline Project Office

    PROJECT: Emergency office for the development of gas pipeline project.

    The client requested the installation of offices for immediate delivery.

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  • Analysis and testing laboratories

    Analysis and testing laboratories

    PROJECT: Two laboratories for analysis and testing for the development of the gas pipeline project.

    Two laboratories for analysis and testing for the development of the gas pipeline project.

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  • Warehouse Offices

    Warehouse Offices

    PROJECT: 2 Story Office Building - 60m2.

    Se requería un proyecto integrado en un área industrial, de una empresa multinacional...

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  • Government Offices, Veracruz

    Government Offices, Veracruz

    PROJECT: 3,120m2.

    A full turn-key project was required in 14 weeks of time, but the execution permits and the security of the unit were an impediment.

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  • Modular camp

    Modular camp

    PROJECT: Modular camp for the development of gas pipeline project..

    A fully integrated project in 10 weeks was required.

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